Sunday, 26 April 2015

Rivington and White Coppice

Terraced Gardens

Track up to Rivington Pike

Pigeon Tower

Meadow Pipit

Pied Wagtail

 Blue Tit

 Dried up Frog

 Path across Anglezarke Moor

 Path across Anglezarke Moor

 A couple sharing the view at White Coppice

 Trail Paths at White Coppice

Stream nearby White Coppice

The Quarry

Five minutes rest

Perfect seclusion

Woodland Trail Path

The Quarry

Winter Hill


Summit of Great Hill

Staying close to Mum

On the home straight

The Pigeon Tower and Rivington Pike

The ascent to Great Hill

Great Hill Cairn

Rivington Terraced Gardens

The walk off Great Hill to White Coppice

Back along the brook

Looking towards Darwen Tower

Coming down off Great Hill

The Clough

Lunch on Anglezarke Moor

Back along the Reservoir

Rivington Pike across Anglezarke Moor

Looking towards Darwen Tower

The walk to Great Hill


  1. Nice shot of a Meadow Pipit Ian.

    1. Thanks Roy, wasn't sure whether it was a Meadow Pipit or a Skylark.

  2. I often struggle with pipit or lark too!

    Great photos - I'd like to go for a walk around here!

    1. Thanks Louise. I'd highly recommend a walk around Rivington and White Coppice it's such a great place.

  3. Lovely to see photos of my local area. We haven't done the walk from Rivington to White Coppice but I'd like to do it one day - looks like one for the more serious walker though so my daughter will need a lot of persuading!

    1. Lol my daughter was tired after the first couple of miles but eventually I managed to get her round the route. An easy route from Rivington to White Coppice is to follow the reservoirs rather than venture off over Anglezarke Moor.