Monday, 4 May 2015

Beacon Country Park

family relaxation

good exercise

pond visiting

wildlife pond

looking for wildlife

where are the tadpoles?

hill exploration

the newt pond

do we have to say cheese?

new growth

benches on the hill

woodland walks

trail paths

more trail paths

some sort of monument

newly established pathways

running up that hill


  1. Lovely collection of photos - sounds like a good day out :)

    1. Thanks Louise. Yes it was a good day. We haven't been to the Beacon Country Park for a while but when my girls were younger we were up here nearly every weekend. It's a lovely place to vist.

  2. Beautiful images.........I wish more people would take their children to places such as these.

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I've took my two girls to places such as this since they were both knee high to grasshoppers. I can remember going places like this too when I was a child and that's why I appreciate the outdoors so much later in life.