Saturday, 23 May 2015

Pendle Hill Walk Part One

Barley to Boar Clough 
(via Lower Black Moss Reservoir )

Is that Witch in Barley Village?

Obligatory Pendle Inn Photograph

Close up of Pub Sign

The road to Lower Black Moss Reservoir
(looking back towards Barley Hill)

Barley Hill

Obligatory Sheep photograph

Pendle Hill in the Cloud

 Looking across Lower Black Moss Reservoir

 Looking across Lower Black Moss Reservoir

Pendle Hill still in the Cloud

 Aitken Woods and Lower Black Moss Reservoir

Looking towards Barley Village

 Aitken Woods


 Cloud clearing at last

Pendle Hill
cloud now cleared

Pendle Hill
cloud now cleared

Sun coming out

 Looking towards Pendle Hill

 Fell Wood in the distance

 Crossing field towards Brown House

 Towards Pendle House

The Diagonal Path up Pendle Hill

Almost at the start of the climb

The Climb Starts


(another tiltshift)

Steps up the side of the hill

An alternative route up the hill

A black slug on the hill side

The climb upwards

 Slow ascent

Looking towards Black Moss Reservoir

Looking back down the steps

Near the top

The last few steps
Top of steps reached

Approaching the summit Trig Point

The View from the Top

Looking back at the route we took

Looking towards Barley Village

 Heading to Boar Clough

Looking Back to Trig Point

Cairns mark the route



Deep water

Boggy moorland


Pool, rocks, heather and cotton grass

Pool, rocks, heather and cotton grass again

Path to Boar Clough

Boar Clough Path

Dropping Down

The Way Down

Towards Boar Clough

Boar Clough Descent

Start of the descent

A place to eat our Sandwiches

Rocks at Boar Clough

Sandwich Stop

Great sunspot for Sandwich eating

A totally silent place to have lunch

30 second clip of isolation and tranquility

We sat and had our lunch at 
this spot for about twenty minutes. 
The sun was beating down and all
we could hear was the sound of
 the skylarks and the babbling brook

Clough Rocks

Quick Selfie

The babbling brook

Break Over
the route down the clough

Time to descend

For Part Two of the walk click HERE


  1. This looks a beautiful walk and the weather is perfect. I wish I still had the stamina to do such things.

    1. It certainly is a beautiful walk Adrian and having wanted to walk up Pendle Hill for many years I couldn't have picked picked a better day too.