Saturday, 23 May 2015

Pendle Hill Walk Part Two

Boar Clough to Barley
(via Fell Wood)

Half way down Boar Clough

A runner on his way up to the Clough

Look back up the Clough

Looking down to the left of path

Looking down the Clough

Moorland Grazers

Solitary Tree

Crossing a small brook

Looking down into the Clough

Nearly at the bottom

The path towards Ogden reservoirs
now in sight

Whats this stone marker?

It's a marker for the Pendle Way route

Photo opportunity

Remember that solitary tree?

The path to the reservoirs

Looking back up the Boar Clough route

Looking up Boar Clough

Another view of the route up

Rocky bottom

Another marker for the Pendle Way

Leaving Boar Clough

Towards Upper Ogden Reservoir

What's this memorial we see ahead?

A memorial to remember
Bill Smith who sadly died
whilst out fell running
on Saddle Fell back in 2011
after becoming stuck in a peat bog.

He lay stuck in the bog for three weeks
before his body was found

Read about it on the 
Telegraph Website

I have a healthy fear of 
sinking sand and peat bogs

A Dipper on the Rock
maximum camera zoom here 
but you can just make him out 
on the rock in the centre of the photo

Looking back towards
 the Pendle Way route

Crystal Clear Water

Crystal Clear Water

Upper Ogden Reservoir 
finally in sight

Fell Wood can now be seen
beyond the reservoir

The walk continues along the reservoir

Looking back along the reservoir

Heading towards 
Lower Ogden reservoir

The view down from
Upper Ogden reservoir

Looking down the overspill

Looking down the overspill

Looking towards
Lower Ogden Reservoir

View across 
Upper Ogden Reservoir

Wildflowers near
the reservoir overspill

Exploring the architecture

The view over the wall

Track to 
Lower Ogden Reservoir

Lower Ogden Reservoir
appears on the horizon

Fell Wood

The path down to Fell Wood

The Witches monument

Close up shot

A penny for your thoughts

The bench

The bench from the 
steps up to Fell Wood

Up towards Fell Wood

Looking back up towards 
Upper Ogden Reservoir

Pendle Hill from Fell Wood

Lower Ogden Reservoir
from Fell Wood

Entering Fell Wood

Onwards and upwards

Path through Fell Wood

Steps in Fell Wood

Ferns growing in Fell Wood

Heading down to 
Lower Ogden reservoir

Pendle Hill appears again

Towards Barley

The way down to Barley

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill in the sunshine

Time to rest our feet for ten minutes
and enjoy the views

Panoramic shot looking
 across Lower Ogden Reservoir
(click picture for bigger view)

The view from our rest spot

View of Pendle Hill from
Lower Ogden Reservoir

Another selfie

About time I went on a diet!

The stile nearby where 
we enjoyed the views

Looking across
Lower Ogden reservoir

The road back down to Barley

For Part One of the walk, click HERE


  1. Two marathon posts for a marathon walk. I enjoyed this pictorial extravaganza. Thanks.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the posts Adrian. Funny enough the walk was only about six miles but I was slightly trigger happy with the camera.

  2. I've enjoyed all your photos as it is an area I don't know at all but looks delighful. I love all the signposts/stones , but how sad about the man who lay stuck in the bog for such a long time.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos Rosie. Yes it was a sad story especially how Bill wasn't found for some time.